Art Fest Naples 
  at Fleischmann Park
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                 Art Fest Naples 2017 AWARDS 
For 20 years, the Art Fest was ranked in the top 100 art shows by Sunshine Artist magazine!  What is unique about the Art Fest is that all sponsorships benefit special needs children and adults. In 2018, the show will benefit Additional Needs, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization. Many children and families have benefited from the help they received from charity organizations affiliated with the Art Fest.   We are thankful to all the sponsors and volunteers over the years who have been a part of the show!
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                                                                        2016  BEST BEST IN SHOW  2016
     Andres Arango, Fiber, Best in Show 3D
Marcus Thomas, Painting, Best in Show 2D
Scott Causey, Sculpture
Frank Gee, Painting
 Li Wang, Painting
Christine Reichow, Painting
Eric and Pam Lee, Painting
David Pellerin, Ceramics
            MERIT AWARDS


Sophie Perrault & Rose, Jewelry 
David Gordon, Painting
Tim Peters, Ceramics
      Edward Park , Painting
George Bragg, Metal
Daryl Harwood Bragg, MM
Mick Vagner, Jewerly
Yoram Gal, Painting
Marc Damon, Photography
Gert Olsen, Sculpture
Sheila King, Mixed Media
Steve Wewerka, Photography
Paige & John Wayne Jackson, Sculpture
Tim Peters, Ceramics
Li Wang, Painting
Marcus Thomas, Painting
Dahlia Popovits, Fiber
Bill Turner, Painting
Ben Foster, Sculpture
Ning Lee, Painting
David Gordon, Painting
Evan Reimheimer, Phtography
Sue Brown Gordon, Jewelry
Douglas Sigwarth, Glass
Lisa Strauss, Fiber                  with Logynn B Ferrell
Valerie & Dana Thomas, Jewelry
Jack & AJ Ferrell, Ceramics
Margaret Koop, Fiber